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Posted 12-17-02
Omar Alvarez, 1989 - 1991

My name is Omar Alvarez. I was originally staioned in Atsugi from April of 1989  and then later our Barracks were switched to Kamiseya about 20 minutes further out from Atsugi around the Spring 1year after , I left Kamiseya Barracks around the month of October of 1991. I was at the rank of Lance Corporal, I'm hoping to contact any of the Marines whom served with me at those Barracks, Lcpl Michael Pyle, Lcpl Benton ( I know you went on to become an officer later on ),  Lcpl Koveneski, ther are still many others whom I wish we had never lost contact with. Drop me a message , I wish I had never lost contact with all of you, some of the best memories of my life and proud to have served with such a dedicated group of Marines ! Semper Fi to the Mar Det Atsugi / Kamiseya Marines. I'm living in Japan and married the girl I was with while staioned out there.

Posted 12-27-02
Lcpl James Furrow, 3rd Section, 1988 - 1989

 My names is James Furrow and served at Marine Detachment Atsugi Japan from88/89. We also protected the Navel base at Kamiseya Japan. We were located on the top floor of the CPO barracks at Atsugi at the time and the CPO's hated it. We also ruled the e-club and got in to so many fights with the squids. Does anyone remember the great Christmas Eve brawl at the e-club in 88 ? Boy was that a unbelievable time. We ended up getting banned from the e-club later in 89 for awhile. The time spent at Atsugi with those Jar Heads was the best it was animal house in the Pacific. Some of the Marines in 3rd section Cpl Horne, Lcpl Beckstead, Lcpl Christopher, Lcpl Rummel, Lcpl Burns and so many others. Semper Fi to all who served !

Posted 3-9-03
Lcpl Darwin Nundahl, Atsugi and Kamiseya, 1988 - 1990

I served in the NAF Astugi Detachment from 88' to 90'. I met alot of good Marines, but unfortunatly over time I have no contact with any of them.  I have many good memories of the good ole days. Looking for some of the guys I served with.

Posted 11-2-03
Harvey Surrena, MSGT, 1974 - 1976

I was assigned to Atsugi, Kamiseya and Yokosuka from 74-76.  I arrived as a LCpl and left as a Sgt.  With hind sight being 20/20 I only wish I'd taken greater advantage of my time there.  My time in Yokosuka was assigned to the Shore Patrol doing traffic investigations.  Today, I'm a sergeant with the LAPD, but have been activated into the USAF from the the Air National Guard.   Headed to the Gulf flying C-130's.  Semper Fi.

Posted 11-27-03
Domingo Castro

I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of  LCpl terrance O'Toole, LCpl  Phillip Cortez or LCpl Richard Rangel. I was stationed with them at Atsugi and would like to to hear from them if possible. D Castro PFC Yokosuka/Atsugi. Atsugi was awesome!

Posted 11-30-03
Joe Carnation, 1955 - 1957

I am Joe Carnation, and served at the barracks from 1955-1957.  I would love to hear from any of the guys and reminisce about Sagami Otsuka  and serving Town Patrol. Great times and great memories.  I did manage to get in touch with Pineapple Rivera.  Are any of you guys out there?

Posted 6-28-05
Gerald Mutuski, 1858 - 1959

I was stationed there in 1958 and1959.My name is Gerald Mutuski.Other people there were Larry Martin,D J Farrell,Rose, Phelps, Bolza,Schlinger.I would like to talk to other Marines that were stationed there around the same time.

Posted 7-08-05
Jack Yahle, 1967 - 1969

My name is Jack Yahle, and I served at Marine Barracks, Atsugi ,Japan frpm April 1967 through December 1969. I was a member of the Barracks Color Guard, and Pistol Team (intermural). I was promoted to Sergeant in June 1969. I remember the good times in the "Gam" with good friends Sgt (Large Will) Wilson), L/cpl Duhon and Sgt.s Wilbur and Sweeny. I recently retired from Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, Ohio after 25 yrs., with last five years as firearms training supervisor. Atsugi was a great duty station.

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